For the past 16 years, Texwise has been selling and servicing the best sails in the world – North Sails.

New sales / sails:
On the sales side, Alex brings with him a lifetime of experience, whether you are into cruising or racing, he will point you in the right direction.North Sails have become the world leader, making sails faster, lighter and longer lasting. While North Sails are renowned for their success on the race course, they are equally committed to producing the world’s lightest, fastest and most durable cruising sails. More cruising sailors rely on North Sails than on any other brand in the world.Repairs:
The 450m² loft floor at Texwise allows us to repair and alter sails for yachts up to 65 foot, whether it is a simple repair, converting your genoa to rollerfurler, or recutting an old sail. Our specially trained staff have the know-how and experience to attend to even the most complex alterations and repairs to your sails.


For more information, please go to:
or give us a call.


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