Rope Solutions

Rope has come a long way from the days of hemp and sisal. Modern rope is hard wearing, easy on the hands and very flexible in a variety of uses. It can now be used in both functional industrial and decorative design applications.Ropes

As a fixed fitting in architectural use, the extent to which rope solutions can be put is yet to reach its full potential. Texwise has extensive experience in suggesting and developing suitable rope solutions.

The range of ropes available include the best local and imported rope fibers in standard sizes from 2-22mm. In addition, larger sizes can be sourced to order in most rope types.

Texwise provides expert advice in matching the specific needs of clients to the correct rope fiber and size. Rope types have a range of strength, flexibility and stretch characteristics and it is important that the correct rope is used in the proper way. Naturally, the price of fibers varies, but Texwise can identify the most cost-effective solution to ensure that quality is not compromised.

The most commonly used ropes are made from polyester, nylon and polysteel, as well as spectra fibers and can be supplied in a wide range of colours. All splicing, whipping and finishing is done at the Texwise premises in Strijdom Park to exacting standards, and installations can be undertaken at the clients premises.

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