Safety Utilities

Texwise has special expertise in converting technical textiles into custom-designed safety products.

These products are either foam or air-filled, depending on what best suits each application. Fans in various sizes are supplied to suit specific requirements and used to optimize their performance.
At Texwise a workable solution to your safety needs can be met, and the highest standards of workmanship excellence are met.

  • Stunt air bag:

One of the more interesting projects that Texwise has undertaken is the development of an
air-filled stunt bag for a top South African stunt company.

In conjunction with Wits University, Texwise has developed a quantifiable rating system to ensure that exacting safety standards are met.
Variables include jump height, jumper’s weight and frequency of use.

  • Radio-controlled plane landing mat:
    Transportable, inflatable landing mat for hi-tech radio-controlled planes.
  • Portable crash barriers:
    Created for use at well-known major field events. These foam-filled, printed units are both functional and highly visible advertising billboards.

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