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Boating is a wonderful pastime but the elements can play havoc with your personal comfort on the water.Foul weather gear is the first defense in keeping the elements at bay, and Texwise stocks top quality gear from Ronstan dingy smocks all the way to the Musto MPX Gore-Tex offshore clothing as well as many other popular brands. Foul weather gear is made from both breathable and non-breathable fabrics. If your needs are fairly modest then it is possible to be happy with a budget oily but the added comfort provided by breathable fabrics can not be over-emphasized

To stay warm you can also choose from our wide range of fleecy inner wear, that helps wick moisture away from the body and maximizes comfort and warmth.

Sailing boots, deck shoes and sailing gloves are an essential part of every sailor’s wardrobe, and you will find the all right gear whether you are hanging out on trapeze or lolling on deck. The array of fashionable footwear is an excellent place to look for a gift for that special sailor in your life (perhaps yourself?)

The list of available clothing includes:

  • Breathable Smocks(Ronstan)
  • Boots, Booties(Ronstan)
  • Gloves – Short and Long Finger
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry Bags and Backpacks
  • Inshore, off-shore wet weather gear(Musto – To Order)

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