A fundamental part of a sound boat is its rig. It is crucial that a mast
Blue Wave Logois set up correctly and the rig regularly maintained so as to avoid failures.

There are many different types of rigs that are commonly used in Ronstanboth dinghy and yacht applications. Each requires careful set up to get the best out of it. At Texwise a full range of rigging terminals,Marinetech Logo copy swages and standing rigging are available to complement your mast, whether it is a simple cruising rig or a hi-tech multi-spreader carbon fibre racing rig.

Balast Railing Pic

With the wealth of experience at Texwise, in both the cruising
and racing environment, you will be offered the right advice in
getting the best from your boat and tuning it correctly. Rake and pre-bend may be terms most often used in racing circles but any boat will enjoy better performance once the rig set up has been optimized.

Wires Pic

In fact, certain rigging mistakes can put excessive pressure on masts and can jeopardize the crews’ safety. Most standing rigging is made to order at the Texwise premises in Strijdom Park and meet the most stringent safety standards. Installation is done by the highly experienced staff of Texwise, resulting in a professionally tuned rig.

Marine Rigging pic

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