Safety Equipment

Safety at sea is one of the hot topics in water sport circles around the world.
At Texwise we believe that having the correct equipment onFLARES board is essential to your sailing pleasure. Once you have all the correct safety products, both you and your crew will be more at ease, knowing you are equipped to deal with most unexpected situations.

Whether you are using your craft for day trips on an inland lake or planning ocean crossings, we stock the necessary equipment, from Category “A” all the way to Category “R” for both motor and sailboats. We are also more than happy to assist you in putting this equipment together… Try us!

Our equipment includes the following:

  • Life jackets and personal flotation devices (manual and automatic)sy101 radio
  • Life rafts
  • Flares
  • Anchors
  • Flags
  • VHF radios
  • GPS’
  • Capsize bottles
  • Hand bearing compasses
  • Signalling mirrors
  • First Aid kits
  • Emergency rations

And anything else you may need.d_400


“Click here to download the latest Marine Safety list as per the S.A.M.S.A regulations”

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