Velocitek offer a quality range of Electronic Instruments for performance sailing and are constantly striving to bring even better products to the market.As the South African agents we at Texwise genuinely believe in the benefits of these products and hence carry the complete range at our our store in Strijdompark.

There are currently 3 models available in the range;

Velocitek SpeedPuck
SpeedPuck: The SpeedPuck is a simple GPS speedometer / compass that anyone can use easily without reading a manual.It’s features are as follows: SOG, COMPASS, HEADER LIFT INDICATOR, MAX SPEED RECALL, 20 HRS GPS DATA LOG*Click here for more information and full specifications of the Speedpuck*
Velocitek ProStart
ProStart: The ProStart is a GPS instrument the features everything that professional sailors rely on while maintaining the manual-free simplicity of the SpeedPuck and also offering the convenience of showing sailors an accurate indication on how far they are away from the start-line(a very useful feature indeed).
It incorporates two modes with the following features:
Start Mode: Displays timer, distance-to-line and distance-to-line bar graph, updated every 500ms. Each distance-to-line bar graph segment represents 10m.
Race Mode: Displays heading, speed and wind shift indicator, updated every 500ms. Each wind shift indicator bar graph segment represents 2.5° of deviation from the initial mean tack angle.*Click here for more information and full specifications of the Prostart*
Velocitek Shift
Shift (Released October, 2013)The Shift is Velocitek’s first non-GPS instrument. They took their hard-won understanding of how to make a good user-interface and applied it to a compass. But not just any compass… the Shift uses a 9-axis solid state sensor to solve for the device’s 3D orientation and isolate heading changes. The result is aerospace-grade heading indication that is smoother and more responsive than any other tactical compass on the market.It also incorporates two modes with the following features: Compass Mode: Heading on top, reference angle on the bottom and shift indicator on the side. Each shift indicator arrow segment represents 5° of deviation from the set reference angle.
Timer Mode: Timer on top and heading on the bottom.*Click here for more information and full specifications of the Shift*

For more information, pricing or to order your Velocitek unit, please visit our *All New Online Store* or call us on +27117920243 ; or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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