videos: Nacra Sailing in 2015!

Hi All

We just wanted to share these video’s of Nacra Sailing, made so far in 2015 and have found their ways on the Internet! We hope this inspires you to get on the water soon!

2015 Nacra championships:

2015 Eurocat CARNAC F20 FCS:

2015 NACRA youth clinic:

2015 NACRA 17 is:

2015 Nacra 500 product placement:

2015 Nacra F20 FCS clinic Argentina:

“Since 1975 NACRA has always been about empowering sailors. Getting the best out of yourself and your team with NACRA supplying the equipment. Reaching new heights and pushing your boundaries. That’s NACRA SAILING! NACRA & PERFORMANCE SAILS are based in The Netherlands.  Our Dutch company took over the original NACRA factory ( Santa Ana, California) in 2007 with all it’s rights concerning the brand NACRA. Nacra has been originally founded in 1975 and draws it’s knowledge therefore from a long history of building and supplying catamarans to the world of sailing. Prindle catamarans is owned by the same holding as Nacra”. ~Team Nacra Sailing

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